I am slowing down a little after the hugely successful Art among the Ruins show in June. Thank you to everyone who came to the Ruins and stopped by my booth- I almost sold out , what an amazing group of customers I have. I will continue to create in my head and get back to the workshop after a brief break to enjoy the summer with my family.
Until then please see what I created for the Wolfe Island Bakery. I have pieces there for sale and also on Etsy.

Have a great summer and see you on line or in person at Balleycanoe and in my shop.

Panic mode!

I am in the final panic stages for Art among the Ruins Show next Saturday the 15th.
I have been working on a number of new pieces which are displayed below and as always I wish I had another week to prepare but at least the rain is supposed to be over and they have forcasted sun for the weekend.
I hope some of you are able to make it to this show which is a favorite of mine because it incorporates three of my must haves for shows- food, music and a beautiful setting.

Thank you for stopping by- All the best,


  1. Hi there Penny!... The Joy and beauty is so obvious and plain to behold in the pieces shown here! Pure "Gormanesque" beauty and whimsy at its best!

    My fav is the fish... That "sucker" really leaps in yer face! HA HA!! Very natural with the driftwood and its sea-weedy feel!

    Don't panic my dear! Go with "the Flow" that you are in. Everything else will fall into place. Good luck with the weather and sales... fingers crossed for you!

    I'll be in touch!


    Bruce and Deb

  2. Hello from your neighbour to the North! It is so nice to hear from you.
    My show in the Ruins went better than I had ever imagined- a beautiful day,amazing hosts, magical grounds and over two thousand people through.I swear I must have talked to every one of them- I ended up with laryngitis for the week but all well worth it.

    I have been checking in on your blog- you do such an amazing job on it-so professional and inspiring and I wish I had your way with words.

    I hope to get down your way now that I have a li- tle more free time.

    Thanks for all your encouragement-
    All the best,